Volunteer Work

COPS 4 Kids with Autism

Besides my volunteer work for the Autism Society of Greater Akron, I also volunteer for “Cops 4 Kids with Autism.”  This non-profit group puts together gift baskets that are sensory friendly for children with autism who live in the community.  Each fall, police officers deliver these baskets to the children with autism in our community to promote a positive rapport between the police and the child affected by autism.  The less anxious and fearful children with autism are around first responders, the better the interaction in time of an emergency.  FOX 8 in Cleveland did a news story on one of their fundraising events held in Akron.  Click on the below link to see the story.  I have also posted several pictures from the event.

IMG 0583
IMG 0584
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I Can Bike/Lose the Training Wheels; ASGA

I have also volunteered with a program that the Autism Society of  Ohio; Greater Akron (ASGA) recently held called “Lose the Training Wheels.”  This program is a bike camp that teaches children with disabilities (including those with autism) how to ride a bike.  The Akron Beacon Journal did a story on this program along with News Channel 5.  This is just one of the great things that ASO does for kids with autism.  See both stories by clicking on the below links.



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